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About Us

Who are we?
We are a small business located in Presque Isle, WI. We've been in business since 2001.
What is our mission?
Mawicke Creations mission is to make handmade gifts and accessories that have special memories and a special place within your home.
How do I Talk to a
Human Being?

Our contact information is:

Mawicke Creations
PO Box 863
Boulder Junction, WI 54512
715 385-2221
Mawicke Creations Email

Owner: Ann Mawicke

Are You In Stores?
Are You in Shows?


Moondeer & Friends Gallery - Boulder Junction, Wisconsin. Sara Muender has a great gallery. We have some fun fish earrings for sale. The earrings are not on the website, if you are interested in seeing them please email us.

Cranberry Square - Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. Cranberry Square has some special cranberry birdhouse Christmas ornaments in their gift shop.

Online Connections

Etsy Shop - I now have some of my items available on Etsy.com. Click on the link for the current availability. You can order on Etsy using credit card or Paypal.

How Do I Place an Order and Make Payment?

You cannot order directly from this site. The easiest way to order is to go through our Etsy site. The Etsy site has all items currently in stock and is the best way to see pictures of available birdhouses. Payment on Etsy is done with credit card or Paypal.

We can also work out orders through email. I can accept all credit cards, but we will need to talk live. Do not send any credit card information through the mail. You can email me your phone number and I will make the phone call.

We will accept orders from the USA, Canada, and Europe. Canadian and European payments accepted only via Paypal.

Wisconsin orders will have additional sales tax added to the order.

For personal checks we reserve the right to hold checks for new customers until clear.

How are Items Shipped?

We prefer to ship our items via US Post office Priority Mail. Orders outside the US we prefer to ship Global Priority Mail.

You will know your shipping charges when we finalize the total cost of you order. We only charge actual shipping, there are no additional S&H fees.

If you prefer UPS or FedEx shipments, we can discuss this at the time of ordering.

There will be cutoff date as we approach Christmas. This date will depend on where you live and the status of timely deliveries from the post office. We will do our best to get your order to you by Christmas. If necessary we will gift wrap your order (for an addl fee) and will ship it to its ultimate destination.

What about Returns?

We fully guarantee all orders. If items arrive damaged, please contact us and we will send out another item.

If you are unhappy with your order, please let us know and we will work out a return shipment and refund your monies.

What if I have Problems with Something?

Please contact us if you ever have any questions or problems and we will try and help you out. This question comes up most often around outdoor birdhouses. If the birch or bark on a birdhouse begins to come off we can talk about how to fix it over the phone or email. We can also discuss shipping the house back for repair.

We also receive questions about house placement, cleaning, and resealing birdhouses. Please email or call and we will help you to the best of our abilities.

What is done with my Personal Information?
Absolutely nothing! Your personal information is kept in complete confidence and is shared with absolutely no one.
Who does the Work?
All items are handmade in Presque Isle Wisconsin. Some craft components may come from overseas, but all ornaments and birdhouses are handmade in the USA. We work very hard to locally source materials and recycle items as much as possible.
Where do you get your Pinecones, Tree Bark, and Birch Bark?

Pinecones and acorns have been collected from trees in Cincinnati, Chicago, and anywhere else I've been able to get friends to collect items. We are very careful to keep track of tree diseases so as to not cause any ongoing problems. For instance we do not collect hemlock cones from anywhere on the east coast due to the problems with the east coast hemlock population.

My white birch comes from northern Wisconsin. The bark has come from downed trees on personal property where we have permission to collect bark. Birch bark has also been obtained with Wisconsin DNR permits on approved logging plots. I closely look on bark for evidence of bronze birch borer and will not collect any diseased bark.

Acorns have been coated with polyurethane to seal the nuts from any future "visitors". All pine cones and nuts have been dried and stored and checked for any critters. We cant guarantee that you may not see something in the future, but we've done our best to limit the potential. We haven't had any problems so far

How much of the Material is Recycled?

On the Bungalow Birdhouse the cedar is recycled from an outdoor pergola being rennovated.

We have tried to reuse as much wood as possible from the wooden wine boxes used for the Winebox birdhouses.

The copper on the top of the Cathedral houses is recycled from local copper roofing contractors.

As stated earlier, all white birch and tree bark is recylced from down trees, or trees flagged by the DNR for removal.

I am continually looking for exterior grade wood that would work for birdhouses.