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Birdhouse Ornament Combinations

Birdhouse Ornament Combinations

These birdhouses are 3.5" tall 2" wide and 2" deep. You can personalize each birdhouse with a name on the mailbox. If the last name is too long, first names also look nice on the mailbox. All houses have a wreath and tree in the front. There is a white picket fence that will extend down both sides and across the back. The roof is a rusted light metal and the sides and back of the houses have small Xmas lights. The back of the house can have either a small holiday sign or yellow star. Each house has a decorative brass hanging hook. Choose one of the standard colors or specify a particular color combination you want to match a person's house. Sample custom houses are also pictured below.

One last thought - the back of the house can either have a holiday sign or a yellow star. Think about any religious preferences for your gift recipient. For example a Merry Christmas sign may not be appropriate, a star or a Let It Snow sign might be better.

Click on the pictures below for samples of what can be on the back of the house. Not all wooden signs are pictured, I'll pick what looks good unless you have a specific preference.

I've had quite a few custom orders, here's some pictures to provide ideas. Some of the houses don't have little lights - that was also specifically requested. Almost anything is possible (although as it gets closer to Xmas some choices may be limited). All the pictures are from the back because it's a better view to see the color combination.

Bluegreen &
White Trim

Gray &
Pink Trim

Gray &
Red Trim
Plum &
Tan Trim