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Birdhouse Information

Picture Proof these are functional birdhouses!!

Key Design Elements

All birdhouses are fully functional, outdoor birdhouses designed to attract smaller birds (i.e. Chickadees, Titmouse, Finches, Wrens). The size of the hole (1 1/4" for these houses) determines the type of bird that is attracted to the house.

Other important design elements are the distance from the hole to the nesting floor (6" for these houses) and the size of the nesting floor (between 4" and 5" square for these houses). It is important for the houses to have drain holes in the bottom and also extra ventilation.

The hole in the birdhouse has an extra piece of wood inside the house extending the entrance. This will deter predator access to the house. Some houses built in 2005 do not have perches. Perches are not necessary for small songbirds, but I have started putting perches back on houses because customers prefer the houses with perches.

If you prefer a house without a perch it will be no problem to create a house without a perch, just let me know.


The Cathedral birdhouses are made of marine grade plywood which is weather resistent. The Winebox birdhouses are made of yellow pine and the wine label front sections are recycled from old wine boxes. The cedar Winebox birdhouse is made of red cedar. The Bungalow birdhouses are made of recycled red cedar or yellow pine.

All of the birdhouses are covered with one coat of exterior deck stain and also coated with one coat of Thompson's Water seal. The interiors of all houses are natural and are not treated in any way.

Many dedicated birders prefer a house with no stain or treatment. Without any treatment birdhouses often only last one or two seasons. With deck stain and Thompson's Water seal, these houses will last for many seasons. If the house is checked once a year and one thin layer of Thompson's added to the house exterior, this will continue to extend the life of the house.

The copper on the top of the Cathedral house is roofing copper and will not show verdigris for many years. The hangers on all the houses are electrical wire which will easily bend in your hands. It is easier to bend the ends of the hangers with pliers.

The white birch and tree bark on the Cathedral and Bungalow houses were obtained from downed trees. The bark is glued onto the house with Gorilla brand exterior glue. I've used four different exterior grade adhesives and Gorilla Glue has worked the best for me. The glue can be found in most hardware stores.

Care & Placement

Sorry that I cannot guarantee visitors to your house, but to provide the most attractive setup, guidelines say that you should place the houses 6' to 15' up in a tree. If possible it is also suggested that the house face the morning sun and not face the prevailing wind. Positioning the house on a branch and not next to the main trunk will also make the birds feel more secure. Experiment by moving your house around to see who comes to investigate!

Houses should be cleaned once a year. Remove old nests as small songbirds do not like to use the same nest year after year. Checking the house will also allow you to see if the house needs any repairs or may have other visitors (like mud wasps or other bugs). Access to the Cathedral house is made by removing one side of the roof. The Winebox and Bungalow houses are accessed through the bottom.

Each house comes with a complete letter outlining this information.

Questions or Problems

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to contact me at the email address link at the top of the page. I'd love to hear about your residents. If you manage to get a picture please send it and I'll include it on the site!

Good Luck and Enjoy!!