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Links & Info

Useful Links:

National Audubon Society - The National Audubon Society is an excellent resource for all information about birds. One important resource on this site are the specifications for birdhouses. This is the source for many of my birdhouse specifications. The link on the Audubon website actually points to a link from the US Fish and Wildlife Service:

US Fish & Wildlife Service "Home for Birds":
http://library.fws.gov/Bird Publications/house.html

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is another wonderful reference for all kinds of information about birds. At this time of year its fun to look at their many nesting webcams.

Great Backyard Bird Count - The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) is conducted in February. The results for locations all over the country are listed on their website. The counts help provide vital information about bird population and migration.